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If you want the water to get away from your home’s foundation then you should be critical about your gutters and downspouts. There a lot of roof issues such as rain issues and snow runoff, but elements like gutter and downspouts keep such issues away. Most people put gutters and downspouts at the end of their priority list. Neglecting such elements can create havoc and lead to retrofit their property with proper gutter and downspout plans. It is vital to remove the water that runs off the roof as quickly as possible. They can be buried or positioned in such a way to carry water away from the house. However, if the gutter and downspouts are not maintained nicely or replaced on time, it can lead to several other problems. Here are a few tips that will help you replace your gutters and downspout easily.


It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. You do not want to fall off the ladder because it wasn’t stable enough. It is very important to arrange proper arrest fall equipment. You should tie yourself well to a part of the roof, stabilize the ladder and ask for some assistance from a partner who can stay on the ground to spot you.

You should repair your gutter and downspout during pleasant weather. Snowfall and rainfall make your ladder slippery which can pull you off the ladder even without too much wind. You should assemble proper head and hand gears such as gloves to allow better grip and protect your hands while working with gutters.


Before buying anything from the supply store, you should check the measurements of your gutter and downspouts. There are few bends and corners in the system, take account of the same from the ground level only. You can take the sketch of the building to your supply store and seek the help of their staff to check your material list.


Check the spikes that go through the gutter, the fascia board and then the rafter. Most of the time spikes don’t reach the rafter because they just work their way out of the hole over the years. It is wise to invest in a new spike for gutters to securely fasten again. During this inspection, make sure to check the rivets as well, over the years they too loosen or drop out completely. Use a rivet gun to secure them.


You will not just have to be careful while replacing your gutter but you should be gentle too. Use a pressure washer to clean the gutter and downspout, once you have tightened and replaced the spikes and rivets. Make sure to not hit the gutter at a heavy angle to avoid blowing the shingles off. Fascia can be damaged while removal, you can seek the help of your partner to catch old parts that fall off but be careful as they might come in the way and hurt themselves.


Wooden fascia tends to rot over time. Replace them with vinyl or aluminum gutter now. But if you are planning to stick to the old gutter and fascia, then make sure to get all the rust off, sand them down, apply a good primer first and then paint it with a good-quality rust-inhibiting paint.


Saving is one of the most important points for replacing or installing a gutter system. You must balance the gap between the edge of the roof line and the top of the gutter. If the gap is too narrow then it will eliminate overflow and water backup can damage shingles while if the gap is too wide then the flow won’t channel like it should which will further make the gutter system inefficient. Manufacturers suggest a spacing of 1 1/4″. Check with your gutter manufacture before you move further with installation or repair.

Gutters and downspouts are very crucial for your roofing system. You must handle the repair situation with care. Invest in a gutter system that is made up of low maintenance materials. Lastly, seek the help of a professional gutter system service who are able enough to guide you through the whole repair process.