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This Life Is an Audition for the Next


This Life Is an Audition for the Next


I am often requested, “What is my purpose in life?”, “Why am I here?” “What does God have deliberate for me?” and so, even though I have touched on a number of those topics before, I experience that it miles essential to include some of them collectively sincerely due to the gross false impression of this very crucial issue to many human beings.

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Some people in no way appear to definitely make an enormous attempt at lifestyles, who prefer as an alternative to sort of loaf around in lifestyles and watch for something suitable to happen to you or to die. I assume a great deal of that is because of wrong thoughts about God that have been taught, no longer only in churches, nonsecular institutions, and their misleading nonsecular dogma; however, additionally in colleges, in “self-assist” books, and by psychologists and scientists alike making lifestyles seem with none exact purpose and useless. It seems like there need to be some mystery, hidden, elusive which means to lifestyles that could never be observed by the everyday person, and that no matter how tough you strive, you’re certain to be met by using frustration, failure and in the end dying and positive destruction, however, this is far from the fact.

This type of outlook is based partly on a few distorted concepts that the universe is in some manner pre-determined in its movements, set into motion through a distant and capricious god with the to be had power beginning to dissipate at the very moment advent changed into completed and destined to disintegrate in some final cataclysmic occasion at a while within the future, with all life as you understand it ending with annihilation and extinction and also you in your present existence, assembly with something quite similar handiest on a greater on the spot time scale.

With this form of destiny to look ahead to, it is no wonder that humans can fall into malaise and melancholy, believing that existence has no real which means and that non-public extinction awaits at their deaths, so it never takes place to them that by living their lifestyles the first-rate they could within their private capacity and boundaries, they’re pleasing life’s necessities via sincerely BEING. You tend to think that positive mysterious, bodily accomplishments are required to fulfill your motive to God for providing you with life. If that has been the case, there would be no desire for people who die in childbirth or quickly later on.

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Lives come and pass, not that every lifestyle is not critical because they’re crucial, and the future doesn’t cease with dying. In a way, dying is simply one giant step into the future, or in this case, the continuation of a future already started. There are a few essential reasons for the life you’re now experiencing, and you can’t blame your life on some accidental sexual encounter in a moment of passion after a celebration by way of your mother and father. No lifestyles are ever all started by coincidence. You can rightly say that no lifestyles are ever beginning that became not already predicted with your Soul or Entity aid. To the Soul, developing a new character is critical, and it does not gently take that obligation.

You came into this existence with a plan you created before you were born, which you have deliberately brought about yourself to neglect. This is for real motives that should do with confronting and responding to occasions with no pre-current actuality of the predicted final results. Otherwise, the outcomes might be affected by that preceding expertise, and there might be no need for striving to gain.

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You are supposed to create, enjoy and learn from the entirety your life touches. In so doing, develop in love and creativity and inside the manner, expand your awareness and in that, you satisfy your purpose in lifestyles. However, you should do all of this without an earlier understanding of which you wrote the script for the “drama” of your lifestyles. No lifestyles start offevolved without reason or a topic, and yours is not any distinct. (see an article on August 14, Life Themes throughout Time.)

Now, if you don’t consider that existence maintains after bodily death, then what I say from right here on will hold little meaning for you. Still, if you do believe that life is eternal, you then have enough purpose of attempting to understand the importance of what you do in this lifestyle, and by using doing so, deliver it new meaning.

You are basically on this lifestyles, auditioning to your next existence, or ought to, I say, laying the groundwork in your next lifestyles, and what you do here will affect the “drama” of your next lifestyles that you may once more write and act out all over again in this physical international and once more, just like the absent-minded professor, you will neglect that you wrote the script. There is one exception: you are ready to adopt out of the bodily system and discover new demanding situations in more evolved structures. In those instances, life keeps most effective on a whole lot of special terms than now.

The existence you are residing now with all of its challenges, its heartaches, its tragedies, successes, loves, hates, and accomplishments are colored and shaded via your (closing existence revel in), so you can anticipate if your gift existence is complete with problems and tragedies, it’s miles at least in part due to the fact you place it up that manner via your actions in a beyond life.

Of path, I am referring here to reincarnation, and I would endorse that if you supply little regard to your actions in this existence, you then can not rail on the heavens cursing God for the troubles you may stumble upon for your next bodily life. Your normal experience in this lifestyle is the result of moves in previous lives, and if this existence is much less than you choose, you could blame nobody, however yourself. Reoccurring troubles might not floor inside the next lifestyles; however, in a manner, you may say that “the piper needs to be paid” someday, somewhere even though the time and region may be centuries in the future in remote lands.

I am now not regarding the “Karma” impact as it applies to misdeeds, as an awful lot as I am speaking me about a herbal float of lifestyles from one life to every other. You will live again in every other age, as any other person, perhaps another gender, every other race, a brand new name, and a new character, but you will retain the inner “You” of you and the equal identification and which can never be assailed or dwindled. Sometimes I clearly desire to sit a person down and shake them and make them keep in mind that they’re inherent of suitable intent; they have been no longer born in sin. They’re clearly eternal beings, yet many write to me expressing little hope of continuing life after the bodily loss of life.

When you act inside the gift, your moves are not best relevant for your daily life, and your accrued series of reports on this physical body on this existence, however, becomes indelible for your general psychic series of personal records, recorded in electric and chemical fields ceaselessly and can be genetically drawn on in destiny existences. No “Important” reminiscence is ever misplaced from one lifestyle to any other. The knowledge of previous lives is genetically coded within the chromosomes of your gift body. However, aware understanding of them will remain hidden for plenty motives, one in every one of them being, that you have sufficient problem managing the enjoy of 1 lifetime at a time, let alone the knowledge of many lives. You could sincerely be crushed and swamped with records that your consciousness couldn’t maintain at the moment.

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No action or no enjoyment is ever lost or misplaced both, and your first thought as a little one still exists today and is as actual in its own area as a rock in your lawn. No idea, idea, or image is ever misplaced, and nothing is wasted within the entire universe. It then behooves you to stay this existence, now not carefully, however with exuberance, assured that you, on your cutting-edge actions, are laying an excellent basis for a “Life to Come” inside the destiny. All this is anticipated is that you do as exact as you may.

I am not inferring here which you should be a do-gooder, a non secular icon, taking walks softly and speaking quietly with head hung in submissive subservience to God. I am not suggesting you must spend your Sundays groveling to your knees in holy reverence in a church. I am now not even announcing that you should study inspiring, spiritual quotations within the Bible, Dao, Tao, or hunker down in some mountaintop cave or monastery residing your existence in seclusion deliberating your navel.

I am really suggesting that you stay your life to the fullest inside your own scope of consciousness to benefit yourself and your compatriots and the fine of your abilities, inflict no damage on others. Of direction consists of all dwelling attention, i/e, the animals and other creatures that percentage the planet with you. In this manner, you are putting in the opening act on your next existing drama, and also, you may not be dissatisfied with the effects.

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