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Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Blog


Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Blog


If you are something like me, when I first set up my blog about a year in the past, I had NO CLUE wherein to begin. Should I use Blogger, Blog spot, WordPress, or any of the one hundred different blog structures that are obtainable?

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I assumed a weblog became only a weblog. Boy, did I research in any other case!

After plenty of studies, tips, and help from others (it’s the “Network” part of community advertising and marketing), I found out that I higher go along with putting in WordPress for my weblog.

For those who are not acquainted with WordPress, it is a blog platform that gives you a pre-constructed blog website online at no cost. But if you REALLY want to boost up your weblog advertising – you really need to get a self-hosted WordPress blog and your own non-public domain. And I’m going to go into extra information why right here on the list.

As any smart marketer realizes – leave the hard stuff to the experts. So that is why I outsourced my blog set-up (which included the pix, RSS feeds, topic, and connection to all of my social networking websites) to the professionals.

Here are my Top Five Reasons to Use WordPress to your blog:

1. Google Loves WordPress – If you’re the use of a weblog on your advertising strategies, you’re in all likelihood interested in Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) – at the least a bit. If you’re into SEO, you then want and need Google giving your web site “some love.” Now, I should pass on and on and on and on and ON about SEO. However, the concept is that you need Google to rank your website better than your competition for any given key-word. Well, for anything reason, Google loves WordPress. Period. The game, set, fit! You want a WordPress blog if you are in search engine optimization techniques.

Yes, you could use other weblog websites and still get a suitable rating, but you usually need to paintings harder to get the equal quantity of “love” from Google as your competition. If you already have a unique blog and are up to now, it might harm you extra, than assist you, stick with it and MAKE IT WORK. But AT LEAST have it self-hosted – which leads me to my subsequent point.

2. Self-hosted – I have this in my pinnacle five motives, well, for an awesome purpose. (Oh man, I’m witty!) You can use the unfastened WordPress model and have no troubles and make that work for you just satisfactory. But you can run into some troubles, the biggest of which is that your weblog could be here one day and long gone subsequent. If you have got a self-hosted WordPress blog, no person can contact it. It’s yours. Yes, you’re paying a small month-to-month website hosting charge (normally around $five.00 or less); however, it’s WELL worth its price thinking about the idea which you may lose your weblog otherwise.

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On the pinnacle of getting your blog self-hosted – I could also endorse getting a site name that is precise to you. Mine is glaringly http://www.LinusRuzicka.Com. It seems a lot extra professional than the customary website URL that WordPress gives your site. Having your area forwarded is crucial for branding YOU in this enterprise.

3. WordPress Design Themes – Now, do you need the ordinary WordPress Theme that comes with WordPress or a custom-designed one? This is particular only to you? The default WordPress subject is perfect if you’re just setting up a weblog to have a blog. BUT, because you’re in this enterprise to make money and logo you, I suggest a designed custom subject matter. There are tons of people who layout custom WordPress Themes that you may, without difficulty, upload to your domain to alternate your WordPress internet site’s advent and experience. Some of the WP Themes are paid variations. However, the maximum of them is loose.

There are extra than 1000 topics loaded directly into the WordPress you can pick, even though you are not confined to just the subject matters loaded into the WordPress internet site. Since I outsourced the design and felt of my weblog, my dressmaker and I talked back and forth per week or intending to grind out the information of what I desired. The subject matter I chose may be very SEO friendly (“Monezine” topic), but there are numerous differences from selecting from along with “Flexibility” or “Thesis.”

4. Plug-ins – This is my favorite. Plugins are what soups-up your blog and convert it from a 1992 Ford Taurus into a 2010 Chevy Camaro. The right plug-in can prevent time, make you cash, and make your task a WHOLE lot simpler. In reality, I think I’ll make my next put up on unique plug-ins so that you can see a number of the cash making ones you NEED to have in your blog (So make sure to Sign-up to get my weblog updates thru e-mail so you can get the next one).

Just like with the WordPress Themes, if there’s a particular characteristic you need your weblog to perform, there are programmers obtainable who have created WordPress Plugins to make your task A LOT less difficult. There are hundreds of WordPress Plugins on the WordPress.Org website (WordPress.Org/amplify/plugins/ ), which can be unfastened and an ever-growing quantity that isn’t in the WordPress database. You need to pass looking for them.

When you find a Plugin you need, click on “Install” on that particular plugin web page, and it’ll mechanically download, unzip, and add it to the proper Plugin directory for your weblog. After it completed its upload, honestly visit the back office vicinity of your weblog to “activate” the plugin.

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5. WordPress capability – Now, I don’t need to lose you right here on this one, so I’ll hold it simple. WordPress is an HTML based weblog platform totally. The motive I love this is that it lets you do SOOOOOOO a whole lot extra for your weblog. When you are growing a submit – you’ve got the ability to add films, pictures, graphics, hyperlinks, and audio, all in HTML layout. The cool thing is, whilst you create posts, you can create them in a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) design – that means that what you notice at the display screen is what your readers will see. Or you may do HTML formatting – all with a click on of the mouse and turn-flop back and forth.

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