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Challenges in Introducing Value Education at Higher Education in India


Challenges in Introducing Value Education at Higher Education in India


Value Education is a great deal debated and mentioned the situation in the plethora of education in India. Of route, it’s miles genuine that the main cause of any schooling will go with Value orientation. More concentration on Value training has been given on the primary and secondary degree of faculty schooling than in India’s better schooling. Values may be efficaciously imparted to the young minds rather than to the matured ones. It can be the important motive for this prime importance given at the college stage. There are many modules designed to assist businesses like NCERT and others in successfully supplying the value of schooling to college students. In this context, many progressive educational practices are being diagnosed by way of professionals. A good variety of experiments and research are being conducted in recent days on the effectiveness of teaching price education at the school stage. Some faculties have very modern and radical direction designs to impart the values.


Effective coaching practices present price schooling degrees from tale-telling, exhibitions, skits, one-act play, and group discussions to diverse different formats. New techniques were developed through educationists to create a powerful studying sphere. The utilization of digital devices also gains significance inside the teaching-learning practices of value training. But on the higher training level, due to various reasons, the importance given to cost schooling isn’t always as much as it’s far given at the school degree. The curriculum and the coaching strategies also could be subjected to scrutiny. Faculties are indeed intended for a sort of specialization in some field of education. But within the Indian social context, the kids require direction and counseling at this level.

They were uncovered to diverse, demanding situations to this degree, which needs educationists’ intervention for his/her betterment. His/her individual constructing also strengthen at this juncture. Students’ notion of diverse life factors and events are becoming fashioned to this degree. On the whole, they evolve their very own philosophy of existence. Their sensitivity and know-how have become route at this stage. Hence, an effective price orientation becomes inevitable to the scholars of schools. Keeping this requirement in mind, States like Tamilnadu introduced a compulsory paper/direction on value education to undergraduate college students of all schools within the State underneath the selection based credit score system. Though this effort is made to offer values to the youngsters, many obstacles in bringing out the expected outcome could be identified.

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The trouble especially starts with the definition of values. Defining the time period ‘price’ poses a challenge to all students. The time period price is loaded with sorts of meaning. Each meaning displays its personal philosophical function. Generally, the time period cost is spontaneously associated with religious values. It is believed by using many Indians that values are not anything but the spiritual and spiritual guiding ideas of existence. Hence, it is meant that the course has already been laid for the lifestyle journey. But in the context of modernity and modernism, there rises an essential question of whether cost education is needed in any respect in a contemporary state. Some folks argue that current life is based on technological know-how and generation, and both are fee impartial.

They view that the values are bugbear held out with the aid of human beings residing inside the beyond, glued to previous spiritual principles that don’t have any relevance to the twenty-first century. At this point, there may also be some other institution of a modernist who propagates the necessity of free schooling at gaining knowledge of centers to safeguard the democratic state and its values. The values they wish to cultivate are contemporary secular values and honesty, appreciation to others, equality, collectivity, democracy, respecting human rights, sharing identical space in the public sphere, etc. These values are considered as the products of the enlightenment period. Hence, 4 positions may be arrived at on the premise of the above information.


Anyone has felt the necessity for supplying values to the students of all levels. The international these days is dealing with unparalleled socio-political and monetary demanding situations. Problems of life have become increasingly severe and complicated. Traditional values are decentered. ‘A surroundings of strife pervades all international locations, and damaged houses have grown to be common. An insatiable hunger for cash and strength leads a maximum of humans to anxiety and absence of peace of mind and all sorts of physical and mental illnesses have become a commonplace place” 1 in the modern context of frequent and often violent social upheavals.

We must study the hassle of the teens’ restlessness, their frustration born out of futility of their look for which means of existence and the motive they may be living, frequently main to evil and wickedness. This calls for a new method and a brand new vision of schooling. It is manifestly felt that the prevailing academic device promotes rat race and maintain the student network in an experience of insecurity. Educational institutions have ended up the strain cookers building pressures inside the minds of adolescents. A loft-sided academic pattern that insists on instrumental and technical rationality for a successful life in gaining cash and power has invaded India’s instructional system. The character who’s deemed to be not worthy of this survival race becomes disqualified and ineligible to live on this market economic system primarily based on life.

The spate of industrialization and financial growth in advanced countries has introduced a perceptible change in this situation. And developing international locations inclusive of India are feeling the ripple effects of this development. Values earlier considered important by using all societies were eroded and have given manner to unethical practices worldwide. Honesty and integrity have been cherished and liked, greed, corruption, and pink tape have come in, bringing off their wake unethical responses that have pervaded all walks of lifestyles and are thwarting efforts of a few enlightened individuals to promote price based totally society.2 Hence, implementing properly established schooling is the most effective answer to be had with all states. With developing divisive forces, slim parochialism.

Separatist dispositions, on the only hand, and widespread fall in ethical, social, ethical, and countrywide values both in personal and public existence on the alternative, they want for selling powerful programs of value orientation in training has assumed outstanding urgency. The development of human values thru training is now routinely seen as an undertaking of countrywide significance. Even though supposed to be the element and parcel of formal education, value schooling could not be so due to the market effects. Hence, it has emerged as an inevitable want to encompass a specific curriculum for value training at all degrees.


After the identity of those values, they need to be inculcated not to be known to them. Mostly list the values are achieved very effortlessly, but offering them successfully calls for the genuine spirit and revolutionary instructional practices. In the Vedic length, the gurukul system prevailed in which the scholar has to thoroughly go through a sample lifestyle with the guru shishya hierarchy. Whatever the guru broadcasts are the values of existence. But within the contemporary context, which is meant to be the democratic sphere, a feel of equality and freedom has to prevail the getting to know the scenario.

Also, the values identified can not be preached on the idea of the spiritual faiths. So the instructor has to find a powerful working module to internalize the values within the youngsters’ minds. The teachers’ knowledge about the values prescribed and his/their dedication to providing them also play a vital position right here. How to sensitize the trainer before wearing the scholars’ values is also an undertaking to the educationists. If it is dealt with full seriousness and sincerity, the value training classroom could be exciting and hard-sphere for college students and instructors. At times they want to sail on the same degree as the students. The hierarchy may also get disappeared. Value education demands a total duty from the teachers. They grow to be more responsible.

On the alternative facet, a trainer committed to a hard and fast of values would continually like to preach and impose them on the young minds. That excessive have to add to be avoided with a stability of mind. Value education can not be done using simply turning in lectures and screening films. It requires a robust interaction among the students and the society. A lot will experiment in this sphere. For which the very best cost ‘integrity’ is expected from the educator.


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